Why Choose Wireless Flix

Premium quality carrier unlocked phones & more at WirelessFlix.com

Why Choose Wireless Flix

We created Wireless Flix with you in mind. Our goal is to serve as a One Stop Wireless Shop for pre owned cell phones – whether you’re looking to upgrade for yourself or purchase a phone for a family member, we’re dedicated to offering premium quality unlocked phones at low prices. We offer only the premium quality pre owned phones on the market, as each phone undergoes a variety of functional and cosmetic tests. Shop for your phone today!

Ten Reasons to Choose Wireless Flix

1. Unlocked Phones

2. 35 Points and Certified for Quality

3. 100% Secure and safe

4. 30 Day Money Back guarantee.

5. No need to worry about getting scammed with stolen phones sold on marketplaces and craigslist that are always a risk buy.

6. You get a free Screen protector with each purchase.

7. BUY NOW PAY LATER 0% Interest Payment plan. No Contracts and Full ownership from day 1.

8. Customer Support for any issues.

9. Options to Add extended warranty

10. Ships within the next business day

Keeping up with mobile technology is expensive. But with over one billion new mobile devices manufactured every year, there’s a fast-growing secondary market that saves millions of consumers hundreds of dollars every day. But finding the best deals on the highest quality phones is a challenge. 

At Wireless Flix our mission is to provide our customers with the highest quality Phones, iPads/ Tablets and other Electronic gadgets at the very best prices, always.

Wireless Flix’s mission is to provide hundreds of products to consumers through one, easy-to-use online shop which was derived from Founders Shah Uqaili & Alex's personal experience with consumer electronics.